How to install Turnkey Linux from an ISO disk

Turnkey Linux offers over 100 prebuild solutions for easy pre-engineer solutions that can be quickly deployed. More information is available at

In this Knowledgebase article, we are going to install Wordpress using ISO turnkey-wordpress-14.2-jessie-amd64.iso on a HostBrew KVM Virtual Private Server.

Warning; this process will remove any data on your VPS.

  1. First shutdown your VPS from the VPS control panel. To access our VPS control panel click on "Manage" under your product details at
  2. Change the Boot Order from "(1) Hard Disk (2) CDROM" to "(1) CDROM (2) Hard Disk".
  3. We need to mount the ISO as a CD, this is much like putting a CD into your computer.
    Tip: In most cases, you are going to want the amd64 or x86_64 version to run a 64bit Operating System. In some unique cases, you may need a 32bit Operating System so we provide them when available.
    1. Click on the tab "CDRom"
    2. Select your desired Turnkey Linux iso. In our case, we are going to pick turnkey-wordpress-14.2-jessie-amd64.iso
    3. Click Mount
  4. Now boot your VPS by click the boot icon in the middle of the VPS Control Panel page.
  5. Next, you will need to launch VNC and connect to the console screen using VNC. We suggest using TightVNC.
  6. You will now see the Turnkey Linux prompts. From here you can custom partition your VPS. Turnkey will also ask you questions, like in our cast with Wordpress we are asked to set the Linux Operating System Root Password, MySQL password, and Wordpress Admin Password.
  7. When done your VPS will restart but since we still have the Boot Order set to boot from the ISO it will restart the Turnkey Linux install process.
    1. No worries, power off your VPS
    2. Under CDRom click Unmount
    3. Under setting change your Boot Order back to "(1) Hard Disk (2) CDROM"
    4. Boot your VPS by clicking on the boot icon

That's it, you have installed pre-engineer solutions using Turnkey Linux!!

As always, if you run into problems or have questions please open a support ticket. We are happy to help!!