How to setup IPv6 in a Windows KVM VPS

To support IPv6, you must manually (statically) assign your IPv6 address. Upon logging in IPv6 will not have connectivity to the internet.

Within HostBrew's VPS Control Panel go to the "Network" tab to see your IPv6 Address, or refer to the VPS setup email you received when your VPS was deployed.

  1. In Local Connection Status click on "Properties" -> "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)" -> "Properties"

  2. Manually enter your IPv6 address you see from within HostBrew’s VPS Control Panel by clicking on "Use the following IPv6 Address"
    Subnet is /64
    Gateway is the first IP in the /64 (your IPv6 address first 4 octets +1)
    DNS we suggest using Googles public DNS like we use for IPv4:


Click "OK" and then "Close" on the Local Area Connection Properties and wait about 30 seconds. IPv6 is connected.

That's it, Windows can now communicate using IPv6. If you are still not able to connect using IPv6 please open a ticket with HostBrew's Support staff.